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Having a professional real estate flyer, brochure, offering memorandum or handout can drastically affect your ability to win assignments, impress clients and close deals.

We want to give you the game changing look and feel that your brand deserves. Develop the right deliverable and go into your next meeting with confidence. First impressions count, so make it obvious to the client that you have what it takes to satisfy their unique requirement. Your marketing should send a message of sophistication, institutional high quality, and success. Let Artisa Enterprises help deliver that message today.

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Starting a new company or re-branding an existing organization is a daunting prospect. At times it can become overwhelming and stressful. Because of the intricacies involved, many firms put the process off for years and become dated in the way the market perceives their brand. STOP putting off this imperative next step for your business.

The biggest mistake you can make is starting the process of re-branding without a plan or understanding of the tasks that need to be done. Through our experience, we’ve developed a detailed check list of the items to include in the re-brand. We’ll make this process as quick, easy and painless as possible.


Get your listings in front of the right people. With a professional, targeted email marketing campaign by Artisa Enterprises.

These days few tools are as vital to getting your listings noticed as a professional, targeted email marketing campaign. We’d never argue the importance of other business development activities – however, the benefits of email marketing campaigns in the modern CRE industry are unparalleled. Our goal is simple. We want to help increase your firm’s earnings potential by helping you focus on what’s important. Our team of designers, developers, and marketing consultants are at your disposal to tailor the look, tone, and distribution of your email campaign to the unique needs of your brand.

Video Floor

What if a prospect only has enough time to visit a few listings – and yours was left off of the list?

If you’re not implementing Video Floor Plans inside of your practice you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to show your property to a largely untapped audience of prospective buyers


The contact management system or CRM goes hand and hand with the Real Estate Industry. To be successful in this business, it’s imperative that you’re touching base, making phone calls, following up, sending emails and scheduling meetings with prospective and existing clients on a daily basis. That being said, after a busy day of business development and transaction management, it can be difficult to track, measure and schedule the appropriate follow ups. The solution is implementing a Contact Management System.

Most of us are aware of the need for a contact management system, however this decision can become cumbersome and often requires a great deal of research. There are countless CRM options including ACT!, REA, RE Applications, SalesForce, ClientLook, RE Think and several others. Which service is right for you, and how do you transition?

Web Design &

These days, few things are as vital to a real estate company as a website.  It serves as the virtual hub for all of your marketing activities from client communications and property listings  to lead generation.  Without your website, it would really be difficult, if not impossible, to effectively compete.

Having a really successful web presence though means you need a team that truly understands commercial real estate website design.  Artisa Enterprises has that experience and background, because for more than a decade, your industry has been our only industry.

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